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Definition of a Landing Page website

A bit like showcase websites, a landing page is a single large page that brings together all the important information of a business.

It has the same informative role as a showcase site, except that it is dedicated to the launch of a product or service, or even for temporary events (Exhibition, wedding, party, etc.).

Most of the time, a landing page site is considered a static site because it is not linked to a database unlike dynamic sites.

What is a landing page for SMEs / VSEs used for?

The role of a landing page is also to convert the user's visit into a significant result for the company: it therefore plays a key role in the context of a marketing campaign. It must ensure a good conversion rate. It is therefore used to inform Internet users about a specific aspect of the company and to encourage them to carry out a specific manipulation.

At Webamster Philippines, we concentrate all our know-how to optimize our landing pages for web referencing (SEO), that is to say that we scrupulously respect the criteria recommended by search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing.

A good web referencing will increase your chances of better ranking your landing page in search results and therefore, of receiving more calls from prospects and visitors, and therefore earn money.

We are specialists in the creation of landing pages for entrepreneurs, SMEs / VSEs and associations.

What is a landing page? It is simply the page that will greet the visitor when they visit your website. It is simply the page that will welcome the visitor during his visit to your website in order to direct him to take a specific action (contact you by telephone or email, comment, fill out a form, etc.). .).