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  • Launch of the startup: 2020
  • Legal status: SAS
  • Address: PARIS - MAKATI
  • N°: 884.336.397-00010

Company history:

In 2018, Webmaster Philippines, was the name of the website created by Pierre as a freelance web developer. In 2020, Webmaster Philippines evolves and becomes a StartUp! Webmaster Philippines is now a national French company also based in the Philippines. Specialized in the creation of websites, dedicated to SMEs / VSE micro-entrepreneurs and associations, whose head office is established at Paris (France) and Makati (Philippines). Webmaster Philippines has grown and has a hundred loyal customers in many countries (mainly in France and the Philippines).

Our goals:

Webmaster Philippines aspires to financially and qualitatively revolutionize the accessibility to Internet visibility of small and medium-sized businesses through a unique "Ultra accessible" offer. The StartUp wanted to fill a gap, and it is in this sense that its concept is totally exclusive and innovative. Its desire is to allow professionals to be properly visible on the Internet, and this, without commitments. In addition, Webmaster Philippines combines the experience of a web agency while remaining less expensive than freelance webmasters, or even generators of sites that claim to be free.

Webmaster Philippines is made up of a young, motivated and successful team.
The StartUp was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Our skills:

The StartUp bases its entire strategy on three pillars, a perfect knowledge of the web, solid skills in web development and an excellent command of the Internet and IT. Webmaster Philippines was founded on this knowledge. Its need to see the light of day fits perfectly with the fact of being more and more visible on search engines. The future of Webmaster Philippines is ensured by the sustainability of Google, Yahoo!, and/or Bing.

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Dear Entrepreneurs, for us, the essential thing is to serve you, to be useful to you. Choosing Webmaster Philippines means making sure to establish permanent contact in order to facilitate your introduction to visibility on the Internet. Webmaster Philippines was born from an observation: the website creation market clearly lacks transparency, respect and quality. We have all the necessary knowledge to assist you in changing webmaster / changing web agency if however you think that it would not meet your requirements, it is not insurmountable.

Honesty and professionalism are part of the values Webmaster Philippines will always uphold. There are many companies that invest a lot of money for meager results.

Dear Entrepreneurs, it's time to save you thousands of Pesos, generate more customers and stand out from your competition.

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Webmaster Philippines


The professionals to whom we have already presented our concept have instantly expressed their enthusiasm. Such an offer had never been imagined, it is a real novelty. Allow absolute and affordable control, while remaining the legal owner of a website, and all without offering a contract with tacit renewal. As a result, our offer is beautiful and complete and unique.

Webmaster Philippines offers everything a trader or artisan needs to grow their business quickly. In addition, we help small and medium-sized businesses to boost their visibility on the web, thanks to a unique offer that includes the creation of very high quality websites combined with impeccable services.

The role of a website is to allow potential buyers to find you easily, even though they don't know you yet.

You can't imagine all that a good web designer can do for your visibility.

We remain at your disposal for a free audit and/or answer your questions.