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Which freelancer am I?

Being a webmaster is a digital passion

Creative from a very young age, I became a fan of web development and web marketing at the end of my military career. With the Internet, everything is possible, everything is achievable, endowed with an overflowing creativity and a thirst to be useful for Filipino entrepreneurs who wish to launch themselves on the Internet, I bring my wise advice as well as my expertise. Always looking for the best solution, when a problem arises, I help website owners with passion and determination to achieve their goals. I also create websites for myself, because I also have personal projects. The web is a passion that requires a lot of learning and discovery time, I like to learn about it every day and thus build my skills.





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Who is Webmaster Philippines?
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A web designer with extensive experience in the digital profession

For many years, I have founded various web projects with the aim of providing effective solutions for Internet users. I use my creativity to open up digital initiatives that help address certain issues.

Despite many failures, some projects have emerged, such as the "Likes Exchange" and "LixOp" platforms.

These were the first websites dedicated to the exchange of Facebook fans between French-speaking webmasters.

I also founded World Of Warcraft private servers, set up an online classifieds website in the Philippines, and even opened a social network to help hypersensitive children get in touch with therapists for free.

I opened "a little too early" a website for renting objects between individuals. This project did not last long, at the time, the public could not imagine that neighbors could temporarily exchange second-hand objects.

As you can see, there are many projects and initiatives. This can show you that creativity and determination are essential qualities in what I do. Not all the projects I started have worked, while others have. The only advice I can give for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business is to be persistent and determined.

Miracle recipes do not exist, you have to work hard and regularly. Life is like this, there is no success without sacrifice.

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