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Repair & Website Troubleshooting in the Philippines

Having a website in 2024 often requires a lot of maintenance. Between the SEO that needs to be optimized and the content that needs to be added regularly, some operations can be dangerous.

Also, you must also know how to protect and secure your website against the various attacks that may exist on the net and which can be penalizing.

Dynamic sites are the most affected by hacking attempts. Our website troubleshooting service offers you more information on common bugs and attacks that can put your website offline or make it buggy, not to say “crash”.

A web designer available for troubleshooting your website

Why do websites crash?

Websites are still much too easy prey for hackers. There are many techniques that can render a website inoperable.

This article allows you to know and differentiate the various bugs that can prevent your website from working properly.

You will learn more about our services and the solutions we offer as experienced web designers. First, you need to understand why maintenance is necessary and important for the health of your website.

10 main reasons why a website can crash:

  • 1) Server issue;
  • 2) Database issue;
  • 3) SQL Injection;
  • 4) Forgot or changed password;
  • 5) Corrupted Files;
  • 6) Compatibility issue;
  • 7) Problem updating a CMS;
  • 8) Your web designer no longer gives news;
  • 9) Incompatible plugins and/or extension;
  • 10) The site is too old and out of standard;

Without going into too much technical detail, you should know that some web hostings update their environment and/or carry out work on their servers on a regular basis.

In many cases, a site can be temporarily offline, so don't worry too quickly.

You have to take your time and not panic before rushing to search for "Troubleshooting website" on the Google search engine.

Regarding dynamic sites, they are all dependent on a database. A database is made up of many different tables that store dynamic data, such as passwords, email, registration date and more. CMS are also dynamic sites, such as E-commerce stores, Forums and Blogs.

In some cases, your site may crash because it does not connect to its database. It is common to come across the following message with a Wordpress site:

Dans certains cas, votre site peut tomber en panne, car il ne fait pas la connexion avec sa base de données. Il est fréquent de tomber sur le message suivant avec un site Wordpress:

“Error establishing a database connection”.

This error can be caused by installing an outdated, buggy or “hacked” plugin. Or simply, it could be a database configuration issue.

Sometimes websites can be attacked with SQL injections. It is a bit complicated to explain in detail, but be aware that this type of attack is very harmful and dangerous.

Un hacker peut récupérer des données stockées dans une base de données, comme les mots de passe et les e-mails de tous les utilisateurs inscrits. A hacker can recover data stored in a database, such as passwords and emails of all registered users.

Businesses and website owners in the Philippines must absolutely secure their website against hacker attacks and intrusion attempts.

A simple careless mistake is often the cause of failures that prevent a user or an administrator from connecting to his back office (this is the administration area). Also called "Dashboard" for dashboard.

Indeed, some entrepreneurs are overwhelmed and have their heads in the dark because of their work. Sometimes they are convinced of the password they are trying hard to enter when they have changed it recently.

It's a bit like the same syndrome of the confidential code of a bank card that you can forget at the cash machine, because the card has recently been changed.

Some attacks, similar to SQL injections, can add JavaScript code to a major portion of your site's HTML, PHP, or CSS pages.

Some scripts make sure to redirect Internet users who land on the pages of your site, to commercial sites or sites filled with advertisements in order to earn as much money as possible.

Imagine being able to redirect thousands of sites to one of your articles with advertising on it. This hijacking of pages allows malicious people to make a lot of money.

If you are not reactive enough, and you notice this several days after the first attack, it can be harmful to your business.

On the one hand, the reputation of your site can severely suffer. And on the other hand, Google can register this malicious redirection, which could negatively impact your "SEO" referencing.

Other codes can install annoying ads and annoying pop-ups on your site's pages. It is absolutely necessary to contact a web designer to clean and secure the corrupt source files of the site so that this does not happen again.

It is also advisable to change the codes of your web hosting, your FTP account as well as the password of the database and the administrator password of your site.

Let's come to the subject of CMS (Content Management System) that crash. There are several CMS, like Wordpress, Prestashop, Joomla, Drupal and many others.

As Wordpress is the most widely used CMS globally and Webmaster Philippines is a Wordpress web developer, we will instead focus on this one to cite examples.

You have just installed a theme or a plugin and your Wordpress site displays error messages or incomprehensible codes? If so, chances are it's an incompatibility issue.

First, your web designer will take care of making a backup before working on your site. Then he will take the time to investigate to identify the reason for the failure, whether it comes from a certain plugin or from the theme (template).

It also happens that Wordpress automatically update its script, and suddenly your site is down. You guessed it, not all templates (including premium themes) and plugins are compatible with the latest Wordpress update yet.

And even worse, some extensions and themes may not be updated by manufacturers for quite a while. Our recommendation is to always check if the plugin or theme you want to buy has been recently updated by the developer team.

We see a lot of website owners contacting us and are in dire straits because they haven't heard from their web designer.

Nowadays, it is so easy and quick to make a “pseudo” website with a CMS and a free online site editor, that some individuals improvise themselves as web designers, and even web developers.

Here is a page that explains how to change web designer safely. It is not uncommon to see fake web designers suddenly disappearing from the internet. Especially when their client asks them for tasks that require advanced knowledge of web development.

And to finish with this chapter, let's move on to websites that are old, very old, or downright obsolete! Webmaster Philippines have already intervened on old sites like Herod.

In this specific case, the redesign of a website is strongly recommended, because it is more economical and is faster.

It's common to see web designers who don't want to specialize in troubleshooting sites.

This is an area that requires a lot of time and energy. It is for this main reason that they prefer to systematically propose a redesign in order to create a new website. Because they think it's faster and easier than looking for where the origin of a bug comes from.

Sometimes, a simple troubleshooting can be enough and thus avoid having to redo a site completely.

In most cases, it will always be cheaper to fix an isolated bug than to create an entirely new website.

If a bug can lead to other bugs, it's up to the web designer or the web agency to calculate what will be the most profitable and the most relevant for you and your wallet.

Remote website repair

In IT, to know how to repair a website, it is undeniable that you have to know how to master the different development languages. And have a lot of debugging experience alongside enjoying helping website owners.

The bugs are not only located on a site, but they can come from an anomaly on the hardware level.

By combining a general knowledge of computers and programming, effective maintenance can be provided by a professional (web designer or web agency or IT specialist). The notion of security has become essential nowadays.

For your information, Webmaster Philippines does not carry out home visits. We do not have a computer repair service or service to repair a Windows or Apple "Mac" operating system. However, we can help you remotely using the TeamViewer support software.

It is a free downloadable software, which will allow Webmaster Philippines to see your screen, and with your permission, to take control of your mouse, and that, in a completely secure way. Either way, you retain 100% control of your computer touchpad and mouse.

When troubleshooting a website or repairing a malfunctioning web page, natural referencing must also be taken into consideration.

Indeed, SEO is what allows a site to be visible on the web, and it depends on many parameters.

A healthy website is also a website optimized for natural SEO, It is up to the web designer to take this essential parameter into account.

How do I apply an existing backup of a site?

The web designer will first take care of backing up the source files of your website as well as all the tables present in your database.

Most of the time, this backup is in the form of a file in SQL format that must be downloaded “locally”, that is to say, on a desktop computer or on a laptop.

The majority of web hosts offer automatic database registration. If you think you do not need the services of a web designer, it is advisable to contact the support of your web hosting by creating a troubleshooting ticket.

Your contact will be able to manage this outsourcing or tell you the steps to follow to solve the problems you encounter. This assistance will help you know how to install an existing backup on your base.

We also offer full service website servicing and maintenance in the Philippines.

WordPress slow website issue

Due to the fact that Wordpress is a not very presentable skeleton, it needs to have extensions and a premium theme in order to be functional and optimized for web referencing.

For a Wordpress site to be SEO Friendly and fast to load, it needs about forty plugins. To optimize the speed of a site made by this CMS, the help of a developer or a web agency can be very useful.

Google takes page load speed into account when ranking sites in its search engine. In the eyes of Google, the faster a page is displayed, the more it will be an ergonomic and comfortable site for its visitors.

Plugins to boost the speed of a website are not enough if you want to obtain good results and solve slowness problems.

How much does it cost to repair a website?

It is difficult to answer this question, it all depends on the error encountered. It all depends on how long it will take to instigate and resolve the issues. It is all the more complex to correct an error on an online store than on a simple showcase site because the pages are much more numerous.

The cost of a web designer depends on the training he has taken as well as his troubleshooting experience.

If you wish to benefit from the know-how of Webmaster Designer, its average daily rate (ADR) is 3500 Pesos per hour for its “Website Troubleshooting” service. He is an outstanding website repairman who is precise and professional.

As a reminder, Webmaster Philippines is a specialist in the creation of SEO-optimized sites based in the Philippines. Of French origin, he has been practicing this profession since 2012.

With his solid computer knowledge, he knows how to troubleshoot a website, even a very complex one, with logic and methodology.

What information can I give to the troubleshooter of my website?

Simply contact us by phone or e-mail. By indicating the effects of the failure and what could have been the cause of screen display errors, blank pages or suspicious or malicious codes. Our repairman “Pierre” will contact you to have more details in order to be able to investigate quickly.

In any case, if you think you have been hacked or you think you have installed a bad plugin, do not panic and take the time to provide as much information as possible.

Also remember to specify if you are the origin of the installation of a script or if it is your current web designer.

Do not provide us with your admin area code, FTP codes, or host codes until we have accepted the troubleshooting assignment. This is a security measure that is necessary so as not to confuse our intervention with that of your current web designer.

Filipino professionals, companies and entrepreneurs need a kind of guardian angel to maintain their website. It is essential for users to browse secure, fast and seo-optimized pages!

The goals of getting your website repaired

It is important to work and update the structure of each page of your website. It is necessary to identify display bugs and eliminate them step by step. Some scripts can block the display or slow down the display on a page.

By optimizing the code and compressing it, you can get better performance, but don't do it haphazardly

The site must also be responsive, which means that it must be able to adapt to all screen sizes, and more specifically for tablets and mobiles by being mobile-first.

Computer security has become a recurring problem that needs to be addressed regularly.

Customers who visit an online store, for example, must be calm when they have to make an online purchase.

" Webmaster Philippines helps Filipino entrepreneurs sell their products and services better through articles on sales techniques. In addition to creating showcase websites for SMEs / VSEs, we bring our know-how and our passion to make the websites we develop much more attractive and sellers. "

Salamat 😊

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