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FAQ Webmaster Philippines

Do you outsource your web projects or send work overseas?

Nope! We do not subcontract. It is indeed Pierre who develops the websites.

Yes! We are pedagogues, we will explain absolutely everything about your website.

In addition, regarding dynamic sites, we offer a free 2-hour training that explains how to use the administration area (for WordPress website).

Yes, we work in the Philippines, France and all French-speaking countries! Moreover, we work mainly remotely, because we have a physical presence in Manila and Paris, we even have customers in Canada.

Unfortunately, we cannot meet all of our customers in person, but we can organize video conferences.

It is a sensitive moment to change web designer or web agency, we are aware of it. We advise you to read the article we have written on this subject.

Webmaster Philippines also remains available by phone or Email.

Contact Webmaster Philippines by phone.

Contact Webmaster Philippines by Email


Yes! You become the legal owner once the website is fully paid. In addition, upon your request, we can provide you with a copy of your website's source files. Know that you pay the website only the first year, the second year for example you only pay for maintenance.

In subsequent years, you only pay for maintenance (Backups, updates, renewal of domain name, server, email service and minor changes).

Yes! Systematically, all our websites are "responsive", that is to say that they adapt to tablets, mobiles and computers.

Yes! Systematically, all our websites are protected by an SSL certificate (it's the green padlock that you can see in the Internet address bar).

Moreover, we provide this certificate for free!

For dynamic sites, you have an administration area to add pages, images, texts and other modules.

Regarding showcase sites and landing pages, no! Because all our sites are made in HTML5, the sites are coded by hand.

If you want to make a minor change to your website (Landing page and Showcase site), we do it for free, just contact us at: 09451777986 or by e-mail: contact@webmaster-philippines.com

Yes! Your contact forms will comply with the new GDPR standards.

Probably yes! It all depends on the complexity and the execution time. Contact us to request a free quote.


Am I obliged to subscribe to a maintenance plan?

Yes! We do not sell our websites without its maintenance.

All Internet sites are potentially exposed to security breaches, it is for this main reason that it is essential to constantly update the sites and make daily backups in order to prevent the integrity of the sites from any malfunction or hacking. Also, we would feel like we weren't doing our job completely if we were just selling websites without support.

Regarding minor changes, yes! Regarding the package for Landing page as well as showcase sites, each additional page will be charged. You can contact us at: 09451777986 or by e-mail: contact@webmaster-philippines.com.

There is no commitment on our website creation offers. A maintenance offer will always be linked to your site, it will be your only commitment.

Web Hosting & Security

What security measures are in place on my site?

  • 29 "server" security measures
  • Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate (HTTPS) FREE!
  • DDoS Protection
  • Full and daily incremental backups
  • Clone space to test changes safely
  • Web-based firewall (WAF)
  • Protection against hacking attempts
  • Protection against malicious bots
  • Servers are located in Metro Manila, Philippines. For French customers, the servers are in Paris
  • PHP LiteSpeed engine coupled with front-end optimizations
  • Coupling with MariaDB, fork of MySQL
  • Optimization frontends based on NGINX
  • Servers optimized, managed and monitored 24/7
  • HTTP/2 on all servers
  • NVMe technology (SSD on PCI-Express)
  • The inverters are exclusively from the Eaton brand
  • Cisco routers and switches
  • Up to 12 CPU threads and 48 GB of RAM memory
  • Uptime: 100%

Domain name

The domain name is free for the first year or for life?

To thank you for your trust, we offer the domain name the first year, however, for the following years, it will have to be renewed each year.

Yes! You are the legal owner, it will be ordered on your behalf.

Professional Email

How many different email addresses can I have?

Up to 5 Email addresses! If you want more, we can do it but it's an additional option. Thereafter, you can ask us for as many e-mail addresses as you wish.

Yes! We can redirect your professional email address to your personal email address.

Search engine

Will my website be referenced on Google?

Yes, we systematically index the pages of your website on the main search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing.

Yes, we can set up a module created by Google, in order to allow you to consult the complete statistics of the traffic of your Internet site.

This additional option allows you to see where your visitors are coming from as well as the number and other very detailed information. You can contact us at: 09451777986 or by e-mail: contact@webmaster-philippines.com.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing help websites rank higher in search results. To make this ranking, they are based on hundreds of criteria, if your site is fast to load, pleasant to use, coded correctly, if the images are light so as not to weigh down the pages and many more.

It is very important for us to stand out by offering websites optimized for SEO and therefore of quality, not everyone does it...

Graphic design

I don't have a logo, can you create it?

Yes! We add pictograms to your site. The creation of a logo is an additional option, you can contact us at: 09451777986 or by e-mail: contact@webmaster-philippines.com.

You can also consult our page dedicated to the logo design for your website.


What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay by credit card, Paypal, Stripe, virement bancaire (BPI, BDO) or Gcash.

The Landing page type site is 18,000 ₱

The showcase type site is 77,000 ₱ (promotion regarding the showcase site at 77,000 ₱ instead of 80,000 ₱ for the next 5 customers)

The dynamic type site is minimum 132,000 ₱

Each website is sold with a maintenance contract.

The customer area is available here => Customer area (called "HelpDesk")

It is a private and secure space that allows you to manage your quotes, invoices, orders and receipts.

You can also write tickets if you have questions.

Nope! Our contracts are without tacit renewal. We do not like this kind of practice which consists in having a contract renewed automatically, we prefer to have a clear agreement from our customers. That's why every year, we send an email to notify our customers that their contract is about to expire. Of course, there will be only the maintenance to settle (not the creation of the site).

Referencing (SEO)

Yes! We offer you the optimization of your website, so that it is fast and appreciated by search engines.