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The rules for positioning websites are set by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, bing and more, and are constantly changing. As a result, many companies in the Philippines rely on the visibility that Google can bring, because it is free and effective in the medium and long term. It is for these two reasons that it is essential to maintain your website and carry out regular maintenance, in order to improve it technically so that it ranks better in the SERPs.

This page explains why the upkeep and maintenance of a website must be systematic to obtain a better sustainability of your business on search engines.

Why is website maintenance important?

A website, whether static or dynamic, needs to be visible on the Internet to attract traffic (therefore Internet users) and thus allow its owner to sell his products, his services, or to acquire more of readers (for bloggers & vloggers).

Search engines adapt to the behavior of Internet users thanks to artificial intelligence, who navigate using a computer, a tablet or a mobile, so as to offer the best answers to Internet user's queries quickly.

Therefore, search engines regularly improve their algorithms, this is called "updates or Core updates" and that is why websites need to respect the positioning criteria. and must be successful if they want to be on the first page of Google.

Proper maintenance of a website necessarily involves the security aspect. A poorly protected site will not be able to guarantee the safety of Internet users and Google does not appreciate that.

What does maintaining a website consist of?

A large majority of web pages have technical errors that are invisible to the naked eye, but are detected by Google, so it is imperative to be able to control, repair and optimize these.

There are many technical, aesthetic and ergonomic factors that can penalize the indexing of your web pages. Indexing and analysis robots appreciate clean and readable lines of code (we then speak of Crawl).

If the Google robot cannot clearly read the content of a page of a site as well as its layout, it necessarily does not position it at the top of the results.

Google pays great attention to the energy it expends when indexing pages of websites around the world, your website should consume as few resources as possible for the crawler (Googlebot).

The help of a freelance web designer, a web agency or a web developer can help you solve this type of problem.

Maintaining Website Content for Better SEO Results

In addition, natural referencing optimization (SEO) must be taken into consideration in maintenance, crawlers and indexing robots now use artificial intelligence (Machine Learning) to detect and classify web pages. It has therefore become essential to regularly update the content of a site (text, image and other media).

The more the information from an article is truthful, useful and respects the semantics of the main keyword, the more Google will reward efforts by positioning the page in the first positions, or even position zero.

For this, it is recommended to find and contact a web editor and to take advantage of the skills of an SEO consultant in order to optimize the quality of a text and its architecture.

Free tools to maintain a website

Website maintenance must be prepared in advance, that is to say, you must have collected enough data, in order to carry out an accurate analysis of performance and indexing. It's a bit like at the doctor's, before auscultating, you have to ask what the symptoms are, in order to be able to offer the right treatment.

To repair a problem on a site, you have to know how to identify it and know the appropriate solutions. To make the maintenance of a website effective, there are tools delivered free of charge by the main engines and which are available to website owners.

However, it is advisable to use these solutions according to your digital and marketing strategy.

  • Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools), this free online tool provides an overview of the status and performance of a website. It is a tool that integrates several features like URL inspection, adding sitemap, deleting URLs and many more.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools, this tool is also free, it is similar to the Google Search Console but offers other features, such as an SEO analysis of a site, a list of backlinks (backlinks), and a website explorer.
  • Google Analytics is also free, it allows to consult the details of the traffic of a website, the origin of the visitors in real time and their behavior, to know the audience of the visitors, and to know more about the acquisition of the traffic.

By using these three tools, it is possible to collect a multitude of data that will allow you to analyze and detect what is not working properly on your website.

Be careful, these instruments remain complex and require great knowledge and experience in web referencing, traffic analysis, and web development.

Website maintenance service

It is a complementary service to that of the creation of websites, and makes it possible to avoid bugs, errors related to incompatibility and to ensure the security of the source files of the website and that of its database.

Whether for a simple showcase website (static) or on a CMS (dynamic site), it is also necessary to carry out maintenance missions which aim to optimize the loading speed of the pages while ensuring an optimal user experience.

Most of the time, a maintenance contract is linked to the contract for the design of a website (at Webmaster Philippines, it is inseparable).

Whether for a freelance web designer or a web agency, this service requires a lot of investigation time and requires the implementation of specific actions that are not so easy to implement.

For novice website owners and or for those who do not have the time to take care of their website, it would be beneficial to entrust the maintenance to a professional.

Maintenance for showcase website

A showcase website is not linked to a database, but that does not mean that the interventions are simpler than with a dynamic site. You must regularly ensure that the forms are protected against spam and against attacks (SQL injections, DDOS, etc.) for example.

It is necessary to regularly check that all the pages of the showcase are optimized for natural referencing and the display is indeed responsive.

Back up files monthly by connecting to the server via FTP software. Update website information. For example, we are in 2023 and many websites are still with a footer where the mention is written: "Copyright 2020 - all rights reserved".

If the website is offline, it is necessary to know where the failure comes from and to bring the website back online as quickly as possible, while carrying out effective troubleshooting to prevent the incident from happening again for the same reasons.

Website owners have understood it well, to be visible on the Internet, it is necessary to add quality content and on a regular basis, but if the website is in HTML, it is up to the web designer to add manually the content while respecting the rules of programming languages and natural referencing.

Opening a blog and adding articles to it regularly is highly recommended, and technical maintenance remains essential.

Maintenance for WordPress website

Regarding a Blog or an E-commerce site (online store), it is important to have the services of a competent and serious web designer at your side to ensure its maintenance.

Between security, web hosting, cyber-security, updates of extensions (pugins) without compatibility problems or bugs, the fields of expertise are numerous. In addition to carrying out actions on the web server, you must be able to manage the hosting.

Website maintenance is a service offered by website designers, and is based on several technical and security aspects. For a CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, or even Prestashop and many others, the designer must regularly update the CMS theme, checking the version changelog to avoid incompatibility and security inconveniences.

Updating modules or plugins is not done with a single click, you have to be prepared in the event of an incident. The web designer whose job it is must ensure that the update is beneficial for the website and not the opposite.

Maintaining a website requires regular backups of source files and the database. Wordpress themes (templates) are not all suitable for smartphones (they are not all responsive), nor for the current version of Wordpress, and are not all compatible for SEO optimization.

Whether it is for the creation or for the improvement of an existing website, it is crucial to contact a digital professional who can provide sound advice on the choice of theme (template) and/or on the tasks to be carried out to improve a website.

Especially since the architecture of Wordpress means that the files are incremented in lots of other files, you have to be very careful when you have to go to the code editor.

It is still very common for Wordpress users to want to modify a simple word/phrase in the source code and end up with a website that no longer works.

It is also beneficial to check the technical and semantic quality of blog posts, some web pages can penalize the ranking and therefore the visibility of an entire website.

How much does website maintenance cost?

Rates vary depending on the size of the website and the technology used. This service can be in the form of a monthly or annual flat rate, or in the form of an amount fixed for the task, or at an hourly rate.

To obtain a fair and precise price, it is necessary to define with precision the problems to be solved as well as the actions to be carried out.

It is also necessary to carefully check the clauses of the contract for the maintenance of your website because some contracts may have a tacit renewal.

Concerning our web agency, each maintenance contract is a monthly fixed price defined with our customers, after a complete analysis of their needs.

Conclusion on website maintenance

Whether it is for the upkeep, maintenance and management of a website, it is imperative to know the areas related to website design, SEO, web development and optimization as a whole.

It goes without saying that you should not hesitate to contact a web professional to manage a website.

Moreover, we accompany a hundred owners of websites based mainly in the Philippines and we ensure the maintenance of their website.

Ask for free advice and make us your web designer for your digital projects, you will love the operation and responsiveness of Webmaster Philippines.

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