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Website Redesign Service in the Philippines

Is your website old and obsolete? Do you want to improve your ranking on Google or your digital marketing strategy? Do you rather want Internet users to come to you (inbound marketing) and not the other way around?

You have come to the right place, because this is the page dedicated to our website redesign service in the Philippines.

There are a multitude of reasons that motivate website owners to redesign their site. With this guide, you will be able to know what to do to successfully redesign your website.

It is essential to warn you, a website redesign is like the birth of a new website, it's a new start, and a new SEO strategy that must be defined beforehand. It's not just a color change.

Here are the steps for a successful SEO-optimized website redesign in 2023.

Complete guide to successfully redesigning your website

Why redesign your website?

There are a plethora of reasons that may make you think it's time to redesign your website, here they are:

  • Slow website: The page display time and the loading time of scripts or web elements are too long to be displayed quickly. This greatly affects the user experience (UX). In addition, a user who does not see the content within 3 seconds, in most cases, he changes his website. Do not question the patience of Internet users, if your site is slow, it is up to you, dear webmaster, to solve this problem of slowness. In order to have a good natural referencing (SEO) it is necessary that technically speaking, your site is irreproachable. Here is a guide to improve the SEO of your website.
  • Your website is not secure or encrypted: since 2017, Google search engine algorithms have given more credit to websites whose protocol is https (green padlock in the url bar). This is done using an SSL certificate that encrypts the exchanges that are made on a website. It is therefore imperative to see if your web host allows you to activate an SSL certificate. It is a simple operation that does not require the redesign of an entire site.
  • You change your digital strategy: You have new objectives and the architecture of your website does not correspond to it? It is time to opt for the redesign of your website so that it can meet your expectations in terms of marketing strategy.
  • Your site is poorly referenced and receives little traffic: If after several months, your web pages do not appear in the positions you have targeted, there is an indexing problem. It is common to see, for example, Wordpress or Prestashop templates, which are not optimized for SEO. They are said to be not SEO Friendly. The objective of natural referencing is to ensure that your pages are placed on the first page of Google according to the keywords you have chosen at the start. Often, it is better to start from scratch with a new theme that better meets the criteria of Google's algorithms.
  • Your website is not responsive: your computer pages and certain elements display very poorly on mobile or tablet. Since 2016, the web giants, called GAFAM for Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, have found that connections from tablets and smartphones are more numerous than those via computers. Knowing this, the major search engines have decided to favor websites suitable for all screen sizes, over those that are not. Your site must be "mobile-first".

If you are in one of the cases mentioned above, your website needs an overhaul. By getting a makeover, there will be a good chance that your natural referencing will improve week after week and will finally allow you to get more visits.

How much does a website redesign cost?

The price of a website redesign depends on the environment used, it also depends on the number of pages that need to be created again and optimized for SEO.

The price varies according to the functionalities offered by the website, the languages used, whether there will be translation work to be done. The price of a website redesign also correlates with the marketing strategy you want to adopt.

The more this digital strategy is picky, the more the prices are likely to climb.

What is the price for a website redesign in html?

If we start from the basis of a showcase website with between 5 and 20 web pages, which is not secure, slow and with rather old ergonomics, Webmaster Philippines charges between ₱18,000 and ₱140,000 for the redesign .

This estimate includes the fact that on-site SEO optimization efforts are carried out with our expertise.

How much does a wordpress website redesign cost?

Assuming that a website being made with the Wordpress CMS has approximately between 50 and 1000 pages, and that this website is not secure. Also taking into account that the plugins to be updated.

In addition to having a theme that is outdated and not updated, not to mention the fact that the Wordpress has not been updated for a long time.

The price is at least ₱132,000 for a complete redesign of a website optimized for natural referencing.

The 13 steps to follow for an effective and successful website redesign

Step 1: Do a complete audit of your website

A website audit makes it possible to detect technical, aesthetic and ergonomic errors that affect its referencing. By carrying out a precise and detailed audit, you will be able to know how to orient the redesign of your website with clarity.

Here is a list of 13 things to look out for when auditing the website:

  • Detect whether the hierarchy of titles (Hn) should be modified and optimized;
  • If the navigation menu is not too loaded with internal links (the use of a mega menu is not recommended);
  • If the home page has enough text compared to the computer code and if it does not have too many internal links and external links;
  • Check if the website is responsive;
  • Make a semantic analysis of each web page. Each page must have a single target keyword and its content must respect a lexical field close to it;
  • Check if the redirections are present and do not contain any malfunction;
  • Check if the meta tags, i.e. the “title” and “description” tags contain the right number of characters;
  • Ensure that the language of the pages is well declared;
  • Check if the “ALT” tags of images and photos are to be filled in;
  • Identify and optimize elements or scripts that slow down the loading of web pages;
  • Make sure to set up a robots.txt file and a sitemap.xml file;
  • Observe, using Google's search console, which pages perform best and which perform poorly and understand why;
  • And many other even more "technical" points;

Step 2: Choose a suitable CMS

You have to know how to compare the CMS present on the market to make a wise and strategic choice. It will be necessary to choose the CMS which will be the most adapted to an effective and relevant redesign.

A CMS is a content management system that allows you to create and publish web content without having any knowledge of computer language programming.

Webmaster Philippines regularly works with WordPress, he is even a web developer!

Wordpress being the most popular CMS and therefore the most used in the world. If you want to find a competent Wordpress web designer, you have come to the right website!

There are other CMS more suitable for online stores such as Prestashop or Shopify for example. The CMS itself is not everything, you have to be careful to choose the theme (template) that you will use as part of a redesign. There are many templates available, but unfortunately they don't always meet Google's ranking criteria.

In most cases, you have to modify these themes and modify the source code to make them more SEO friendly. Consult us before buying your WordPress template.

Step 3: Choose the best web host

If your website is slow, it's not always the fault of the coding, it can come from the performance of the server on which it is installed. It is important to identify if the slowdowns in page loading come from the site itself, or from the web server.

You should also know that the geographical location of a web server has an impact on the loading time of the pages of a website. It is necessary to check that the location of the server is as close as possible to the targeted visitors.

For example, if your target visitors are in the Philippines, you will have to choose a server that is physically located in the Philippines or in Asia.

If your target visitors are international, you will need to put a CDN (Content Delivery Network) in place.

Step 4: https and htaccess

As part of an optimal website redesign, the website must always be secured using a valid SSL certificate.

In addition, the use of an htaccess file is essential. This file must be present at the root of the website in order to manage redirections (permanent or temporary), and manage caching and apply security rules.

A bad natural referencing can depend only on a problem at the level of the htaccess file, it is for this reason that you must be very vigilant on this point!

Step 5: Names of page urls

In most cases, it is best to keep the same urls as the original website to avoid undoing all the SEO efforts already made. Sometimes, it is necessary to change the urls if they have underscores, or names that are too long.

If the redesign of your website also includes the improvement of local referencing, it is preferable to add the name of a city that corresponds to the geographical locality where your potential customers are located in the urls of your pages.

Step 6: Update old content

A successful redesign of a website necessarily depends on the quality of the content of the pages. Make sure to update the texts and images of each page of your website. Google likes content that improves over time.

Google's algorithms appreciate when a website is regularly updated, it is very positive for your SEO and for your website visitors as well.

Step 7: Identify dead links

It may be that in the long run, your website has deleted or moved pages, it is imperative to take stock of the links that no longer exist. Dead links penalize the effectiveness of your on-site SEO.

A redesigned website is always better without broken links and 404 pages.

Step 8: Update the sitemap

The sitemap.xml is a file that lists all the web pages of a website. During a website redesign, it is possible that some links have changed names.

By updating your website map with the sitemap, you help Google correctly index all the pages of your new website. It is also a good plus point for the SEO of your website.

Step 9: Consider user experience

As part of the redesign of a website, it is essential to study why Internet users do not stay long on your web pages, why the conversion rate is not good. The conversion rate is the ratio between the number of visitors to your website and the number of people who contact you. A website must be attractive and must make people want to contact you.

The user experience depends on the graphic charter and the content in general.

In order to properly prepare the redesign of your website, you must put in place a digital strategy that will allow you to transform more visitors into customers, and therefore to make your website ergonomic.

Step 10: Refine Your Website Offerings

Over time, some offers may no longer trend or expire. A redesign is also an opportunity to review all the offers and products on your website. There are many websites whose dates are no longer up to date and whose description is obsolete.

Step 11: Update your backlinks

It is imperative to update inbound links by contacting other website owners who have shared your pages and articles. If you don't, the effectiveness of your natural referencing will be reduced. Your domain name will lose authority. And the websites that have shared your pages and articles end up with 404 pages (dead links).

You are strongly advised to contact the owners of these websites, inviting them to update their web pages. This way you can preserve your precious backlinks (especially if they are in Dofollow).

Step 12: Prepare for the future after the website redesign

Many entrepreneurs waste time and are surprised because they haven't thought to update their up-to-date communication and marketing tools. It is necessary to prepare new business cards and flyers if you have changed your domain name during the redesign of your website.

If you have changed your graphic charter, your communication media must have the same design as your website. Your new SEO strategy must be in line with your communication.

You must adapt your new way of communicating while respecting the SEO guidelines of your website.

Step 13: Communicate the redesign of your site

Once the redesign of your website is complete, it is recommended to announce through a newsletter and/or on social networks, that your website has been completely redesigned.

This is a good opportunity to explain to your customers or your community the changes made and also to highlight the advantages of this redesign.

Do not hesitate to praise the benefits that this overhaul will bring in the short and medium term. You can even tell Webmaster Phillipines made it by sharing our website link. 😊

This digital communication can be effective in increasing the loyalty of your community.

Bonus: What types of websites can be redesigned?

It is possible to redesign all types of websites, including landing pages, showcase websites and E-Commerce websites. A forum or a blog can also be redesigned.

Always keep in mind that a redesign should be aimed at improving SEO.

Conclusion on website redesign in the Philippines

Although many web designers do not like to redesign websites, Webmaster Philippines is available to redesign your website so that it is optimized for SEO.

Ask for a free quote that does not commit you to anything.

Our web designer will give you advice and all his expertise in order to successfully redesign your website.

You can also consult our website creation service.

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