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Showcase website creation

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Definition of a showcase website

A showcase site is a website that only displays information such as text, images, logos (like a Landing Page). It is not linked to a database that records information unlike dynamic sites. But with Webamster Philippines our showcase sites are practically called "Semi-dynamic sites", because they have a contact form in PHP. We add a free contact form on the showcase sites that we create, so that you can be contacted by visitors to your new website.

The showcase site has an informative role, it advises and directs visitors.

What is a showcase site for SMEs / VSEs used for?

In 2023, it is very important to have a showcase site, it is a salesperson who sells or promotes your services for you. Being present on the Internet is not only done to preserve your brand image, it is to find customers to sell your products and services.

At Webamster Philippines, we concentrate all our know-how to optimize our showcase sites for web referencing (SEO), that is to say that we scrupulously respect the criteria recommended by search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing.

A good web referencing will increase your chances of better ranking your showcase site (static site) in search results and therefore, of receiving more calls from prospects and visitors, and therefore earn money.

We are specialists in the creation of showcase sites for entrepreneurs, SMEs / VSEs and associations.

What is a showcase website? To put it very simply, a showcase website allows you to discover your business to people who do not know you yet.